Woking Swimming Club Alumni


wsc alumniWoking is very proud of all of our senior swimmers, many of whom continue their passion for swimming to university and beyond. Many of these swimmers look back and comment how the routine and discipline of swimming and maintaining this balance, gave them lifelong skills that they draw upon even today.

There have been many studies over the years that have proven a link between sports and academic success at both school and university (see some interesting articles below):

   BBC: Exercise ‘boosts academic performance’ of teenagers

   Harvard Health: Regular exercise changes the brain to improve memory, thinking skills.

   The Guardian: Do athletes make better students?

   Florida National University: The link between sports and academic performance

Whether our swimmers have enjoyed competing for their University at the British University Swimming Championships (BUCS) or competed in the US and UK on Swimming Scholarships, all have stated how much swimming is still a huge part of their life throughout their student years.

If you didn't see them at the time, please read the individual Alumni Spotlight posts that we wrote about Anna Maine and Alice Reeves-Turner and take a look below at where some of our senior swimmers have moved onto and their linked Bio pages:

Swimmer (DOB) University/Swim Team
Finlay Tattersdill (2002) Newcastle (Biomedicine)
Ollie Zalaf (2002) Coventry (Sport and Exercise Science)
Matthew Ferguson (2001) Bath (Aerospace Engineering)
Team Bath performance squad
Ewan Smith (2000) Stirling (Sports Science)
Stirling University performance squad
Anna Maine (2000) Edinburgh (Sustainable Development)
Edinburgh University and Team GB
Lizzie Mosdell (2000) Exeter (Sport and Exercise Science)
Exe Masters
Alex Zalaf (1999) York (Natural Sciences)
University team
Fraser Tattersdill (1999) Newcastle (Architecture)
University team
Charlotte George (1999) Bristol (Law)
University team
Ed Lee (1998) Oxford Brooks (Marketing)
University team
Maddie Exton (1998) Cincinnati, USA (Psychology)
University team, performance squad - view profile
Hazel Ferguson (1998) Birmingham (Medicine)
Swimming Scholarship in performance squad
Alice Reeves-Turner (1998) Loughborough (English)
University Water Polo team
Katie Sheil-Rankin (1998) Dundee (Dentistry)
Dundee Triathlon Performance team
Abbie White (1998) Unknown (Law)
University Competitive team, Captain
Andrew Roy (1997) Bath (Natural Sciences)
Team Bath performance squad
James Chambers (1997) Birmingham (Economics)
University team, performance squad
Hannah Burvill (1997) Iowa, USA (Health and Human Physiology)
University team, performance squad - view profile
Mark Tuddenham (1997) Southampton (BSc and PhD in Computer Science)
University team & Water Polo team
Calum Ferguson (1996) Cambridge (Material Science)
Cambridge Swimming Blue & Swim Captain
Dominic Holloway (1996) Cambridge (Chemical Engineering)
Cambridge Swimming Blue & Swim Captain
Emily Faulkner (1996) Unknown
University team
Dan West (1996) Cardiff (Mechanical Engineering)
University team
Kieran Hodgson-Kilroy (1996) Loughborough (Industrial Design Technology)
University team
Emma Maurer (1995) Birmingham (Economics)
University team, performance squad
Katherine Robbings (1995) Leeds (Sports Science)
Leeds Beckett performance squad
Natasha Holden (1995) Loughborough (Retailing, Marketing and Management & Diploma in Professional Studies)
Watford Masters
Susan Sheil-Rankin (1994) Newcastle (Medicine)
Alex Smith (1990) Durham (Physical Geography)
Durham performance squad
Ben Smith (1988) Royal Holloway (History)
University team, Swim Captain
Ross Arnfield Plymouth (Psychology)
University team
Amy Harrington (1994) Southampton ( Medicine)

We would also love to hear from any other Woking SC Alumni. Please get in touch via the Woking SC Webmaster.