Club Records


If you wish to claim a Club Record that we haven't spotted, please Complete our Online Form which will be sent for verification to our Club Secretary.

For the purposes of clarity and to relieve the administrative burden split times will not be accepted for Club Records, this includes (for example) an 800m Free split achieved in a 1500m race. This is in line with National Qualifying criteria. In addition, times from relay lead-off legs will only be accepted when swum at a National Level event - this is the only way we can be sure the split is both accurate and that the named swimmer was actually the lead-off swimmer.

Current Records

As at 23rd February 2023 Please note that this link requires you to login.


Club records can only be claimed by those swimmers training full time with the club (full membership) and are in an allocated training squad.




Following the 2013 National Championships, Club records were published for both Long Course and Short Course.

Times from September 2012 were recorded with no conversions and initial LC records were taken from actual Long Course historical data recorded in Hytek (dating back to 2007).