Woking Swimming Club - Roll of Honour


The Committee of Woking Swimming Club introduced, in December 2003, a Roll of Honour, to recognise the achievements and contribution to the Club of particularly deserving swimmers. Their names will be added to the WSC Honours Board mounted in the gallery.

The idea was born from a proposal by the Chief Coach at the time, Brian Bloor, wanting an acknowledgement of swimmers who have been invaluable members of the Club.

Many past members would have qualified, as the Club dates back to 1935, but the Selection Committee (of Committee members and Coaches) could only be objective about selecting current members. Specific criteria are applied and a swimmer must meet at least five of them in order to be considered. The honour will not be given lightly, so will not necessarily be awarded every year.

Roll of Honour Awards

Congratulations to all of the swimmers below for their well deserved places on our Roll of Honour. Clicking their names will show their original citations.