Surrey Age Group Championships - Week 1

Woking SC Webmaster

Over the weekend Woking Swimming Club took part in the Surrey County Championship for 2024 at the Surrey Sports Park. Every year we aim to be as competitive as possible and after the first weekend we are currently sitting in second place on the points table. This highlighted a great team effort over the weekend where a large number of swimmers performed well and continued the competitive ethos of the club.

Swimmers who place in the Top 8 score points for the club with Men are currently 3rd and Women sitting 2nd. Overall Woking are also sitting 2nd in the Tinlin Trophy.


Overall Position

1) Guildford                           1303

2) Woking                              355

3) Elmbridge                           254

4) Leatherhead                       253

5) Sutton and Cheam             199


Day 1

Session number 1

Started with the Men’s 1500m Freestyle and Golds to Joshua Hutchison in 19.34.27 (13 years) and Ryan Turner in 18.29.98 (14 years). 

The Girls 400IM was the next medal event with Abby Whittaker taking 4th in 6.11.62 (12 years). Ellie Macleod was next taking Gold in 5.40.39 and Eva Selden 4th in 5.55.48 (13 years). Then Bronze to Darcey Arnold 5.23.53, Verity Larwood 6th in 5.45.72 and 8th was Lucy Wheeler 5.46.97 (14 years). Also taking Bronze was Abi Elford 5.42.12 (16 years)

Boys 50m Breaststroke was the first final of the morning with Alex Song gaining a Silver in 37.55 (13 years) followed by Alfie Davis 8th in 36.88 (14 years). Next was Neco Truter with 4th in 34.37 (15 years) and Ben Platt in 34.20 taking 7th (16 years)

Last final of the morning session was the Girl’s 50m Backstroke starting with Abby Whittaker 37.31 coming 6th (12 years). Next was Gold for Francesca Johnson 33.94, Erin Henderson 34.18 taking Silver and Ellie Macleod 34.72 5th (13 years). 4th to Darcey Arnold in 32.33 (14 years) and Tegan Gale 31.73 (16 years). 

Session number 2

Women’s 200m Freestyle was the first medal event of the afternoon. Abby Whittaker 3.32.65 was 6th (12 years) followed by Ellie Macleod taking Gold 2.21.89 and Eva Selden 2.30.62 in 8th (13 years). Next, Darcey Arnold finished with Silver in 2.13.25 (14 years) and Tegan Gale placing 5th in 2.14.00 (16 years). 

Next was the Men’s 200m Breaststroke and Alexander Song 3.02.00 took Silver (13 years) then Galahad Reeves placed 6th 2.52.93 and Neco Truter 2.56.63 in 8th (15 years).

First final of the afternoon was the Women’s 100m Breaststroke with Bronzes being gained by Ellie Macleod 1.24.66 (13 years) and Bronze to Lucy Wheeler 1.20.76 (14 years). Tilly Lockyer in 1.26.86 was 7th (15 years)

Then the Men’s 100m Freestyle followed to finish the day. Joshua Hutchinson in 1.04.58 was 4th (13 years). Next was Ryan Turner with Gold in 58.80 and Alfie Davies 6th place (14 years). Neco Truter placed 8th with 1.00.57 (15 years).


Day 2

Session number 1

Abby Whittaker Started Day 2 for Woking Swimming Club in the Girl’s 800m Freestyle placing 5th in 11.00.49 and Ellie Macleod in 10.22.10 took Gold (13 years). Next was a Silver to Darcey Arnold in 9.50.70 and 8th to Lucy Wheeler in 10.33.48 (14 years).

Men’s 400m Freestyle was next with Joshua Hutchinson in 4.52.90 taking Gold and Alex Song finishing 5th in 5.19.32 (13 years). Then Ryan Turner took Silver in 4.38.31 (14 years). Neco Truter was 7th in 4.44.11(15 years).

The Men’s 200m Freestyle started with Joshua Hutchison taking Bronze in 2.44.50, Takara Hasegawa-York 6th in 2.48.53 and Alex Song 8th 2.51.44 (13 years). Later was Daniel Turner managing 5th in 2.23.87 (16 years)

The first final of the morning session was the Women’s 50m Freestyle which started with Maria Stamenova in 31.83 finishing 8th (12 years). Followed by Erin Henderson 29.88 4th, Ellie Macleod 29.92 5th and Francesca Johnson 30.95 in 8th (13 years). Next up was Silver to Alexandra Platt in 27.98 and Darcey Arnold placed 5th with 29.22 (14 years). Tegan Gale took Gold with 27.25 (15 years).

Last final of the morning was the Men’s 50m Butterfly starting with Joshua Hutchinson in 32.30 gaining Bronze (13 years) followed by Alfie Davis also with Bronze in 29.70 and Ryan Turner in 30.34 finished 6th (14 years).

Session number 2 

The final session of the weekend started with the Men’s 200m Freestyle and had Joshua Hutchinson taking Silver 2.19.70 (13 years). Then Ryan Turner 2.10.40 also took Silver and Alfie Davis placed 4th in 2.13.87 (14 years) Neco Truter was then 7th in 2.13.81 (15 years).

In the Women’s 200m Breaststroke Woking started with Ellie Macleod in 3.08.18 placing 6th (13 years). Then Lucy Wheeler finished with Bronze in 2.54.72 and Darcey Arnold was 7th in 3.07.90 (14 years old). Abi Elford then grabbed Bronze with a 3.00.40 (16 years).

With the last two finals to finish the weekend the Men’s 100m Breaststroke was first and Alexander Song 1.21.61 achieved a Silver (13 years old). Then Galahad Reeve with 1.20.02 placed 4th (15 years).

Finishing off with the Women’s 100m Backstroke starting with Abby Whittaker placing 4th in 1.18.94 (12 years). Next Erin Henderson took Gold with 1.14.19 and Ellie Macleod 1.17.85 was 6th (13 years). Followed by Darcey Arnold in 4th with1.13.55 and Verity Larwood was 8th in 1.18.16 (14 years). Violette Hornzee finished 1.14.30 in 6th (15 years) and Tegan Gale was 5th in 1.09.97 (16 years). Last of the day was Sadie Warmington in 1.08.25 placing 4th (17 years and over)


Medal Tally:

  • 10 Gold
  • 10 Silver
  • 9 Bronze

 76 Top 8 finishes