Arena League Round 2

Woking SC Webmaster

Woking SC competed in the 2nd Round of the National Arena League, Premier division for the South league at The Spectrum, Guildford on Saturday the 11th of November. Another great test for our swimmers against a club that has won the league many times.

Woking started strongly, leading after the first set of relays which are currently some of our stronger events. We had a slight drop in our performance which saw us slide to 4th after the strong start, which we then kept and consolidated our position. We had 9 1st places, 7 2nd places and 7 3rd places overall at the end of the night which kept the competition tight, just not enough to get into the top 2.

This placing allows to finish in the middle of the group which means we can’t get relegated, which is a great win for us but also means we are just outside the top group so we can’t match ourselves again against the best. However, we do face some of the strongest clubs in the final round which gives us much to look forward to in the third and final swim off.

Thanks, once again, from the Coaching staff to the team managers for helping everything run smoothly. The last round will be on the 9th of December and location will be advised.  


1) Guildford City A 229

2) Guildford City B 208

3) Guildford City C 195

4) Woking 188

5) Rushmoor Royals 126

6) Chelmsford 117