Surrey County Relays

Woking SC Webmaster

The Surrey Age Group Championship - Relay Gala was held on 10/09/2023 all the way down at K2 in Crawley. It was a bit of an unusual meet being held so early in the season, a warm up being held on the athletics track outside and the swimmers seating area being the grandstand out in the sun. However the swimmers did amazingly well to overcome these challenges and enjoyed the big advantage to relay events, racing with their friends.

The day was made much easier for the coaches by the help that was provided by all the team managers over the two sessions, we give a huge thanks to those willing to take up their time to support.

With it being so early in the season we expected some rusty swims early on, though the swimmers got stronger and stronger as the day went on. For a lot of younger swimmers it was their first experience at Surrey level and will be better for it.

Woking Swimming Club was 3rd overall for the day but at this stage of the season it was more about the swimmers getting together and having fun.
Gold - 1
Silver - 1
Bronze - 5
Top 8 - 14

Girls 16 & Over 4x100 Freestyle Relay 4th
Girls 10-11 yrs old 4x50 Medley Relay 9th (A) and 11th (B) .
Boys 12-13 yrs old 4x50 Medley Relay 7th (A) and 18th (8)
Girls 16yrs and over 4x100 Medley Relay 3rd
Girls 10-11 yrs old 4x50 Freestyle Relay 9th
воуs 12-13 yrs old 4x50 Freestyle 3rd (A) and 18th (B)
Mixed Under 16yrs old 4x100m Freestyle Relay 6th (A) and 9th (B)
Boys 10-11yrs old 4x50 Freestyle Relay 5th (A) and 15th (B)
Girls 12-13yrs old 4x50 Freestyle Relay 1st (A) and 7th (B)
Boys Under 16 yrs old 4x100 Freestyle Relay 5th (A) and 16th (B)
Girls under 16 yrs old 4x100 Medley Relay 3rd (A) and 18th (B)
Boys 10-11yrs old 4x50 Medley Relay 3rd (A)
Girls 12-13yrs old 4x50 Medley Relay 3rd (A) + 8th (B)
Boys Under 16 yrs old 4x100 Freestyle Relay 9th (A) and 17th (B)
Girls Under 16yrs old 4x100m Freestyle Relay 2nd (A) and 14th (B)

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